I make functional pottery in Richmond, VA. When I graduated from college in 1997, I was fortunate enough to receive an offer from Mike Brown to become his firing partner. Mike had built a small woodkiln on his stepfather’s farm. Even though his kiln was a manageable size, it was still a daunting experience to fire solo. Since then we have built, rebuilt, and reconfigured a number of kilns. Currently we are firing a two chambered wood kiln with a stacking space of 140 cu. Ft. We put a very small amount of salt in the first chamber and a more moderate amount in the second chamber. Because of the kiln’s proximity to other homes, we try to keep the smoke to a minimum. I use two clays; a smooth, porcelaineous stoneware and a very sandy grey stoneware. I also wedge these two clays together to achieve other options. I am very interested in the glaze called Shino. Lately I have been using it over colored slips, trying to create a contemporary version of picture shino. As my interest in the pictorial surface has increased, it has lead me to investigate other methods of firing, mainly cone 10 reduction and cone 6 oxidation.